Samsung Gear Watchfaces

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Made for no reason - June 26th 2017

I recently had some fun putting together a few minamalist watchfaces for my Gear Fit 2.

Spaceman Slam

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Made for the 'A Game By It's Cover' Game Jam 2016

Dodge asteroids and survive as long as you can.

Micro Sievert

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Made for the 'LowRezJam' Game Jam 2016

A post apocalyptic rogue-like made to fit in a screen no bigger than 64x64 pixels.

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A 3d Tabletop Simulator for Web Browsers. is an online 3d tabletop simulator that runs in your browser. Online multiplayer supports 64+ players.
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Supports hundreds of unit instances and custom tabletops.

Drop in/drop out multiplayer and support for in game chat while you adventure.

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Create simple billboarded units or full blown 3d objects with an easy to use editor.

Give the editor a try before signing up. Editor Sandbox